Hi, I'm Christina! The founder and welder here at Star-Crossed. I'm a Utah-born, Napa Valley transplant who has a passion for fitness, fresh-air and a meaningful shared experiences. Star-Crossed bonded jewelry was birthed out of a love for dainty & wearable jewelry and a passion for people and their individual stories. I became fascinated by the idea of uniting people through the welding experience. I love creating beautiful and versatile pieces that can be worn on a backpacking excursion or a night out on the town. I look forward to meeting you and having sparks fly!

All About Personal Appointments

You can come in for an appointment “solo” or with your “bestie."

The appointment can last 15-30 minutes per person. 

At your appointment, you get to choose up to 3 pieces of jewelry. We’ll custom fit each one, and once you’re happy with the sizing, we weld the piece(s) together. 

All About Private Parties

I love to do private parties! Star-Crossed Bonded Jewelry can do events like bachelorettes, bridal parties, corporate events, boutique, or winery events. 

We are fully-mobile, can function in indoor and outdoor venues. 

Are you interested in having Star-Crossed Bonded Jewelry at your private party? Let’s talk! Email me, and we can discuss available dates and answer any questions you may have.