How Pricing Works

All jewelry is priced per piece. Belly chains are priced per inch.

There is no initial welding fee. The custom fit and welding is included in the price of the jewelry.

If your piece needs to be resized or rewelded, you have 60 days to get 1 free re-weld. After 60 days, a piece that needs to be re-welded will be $15.

Pricing Guide

All About Personal Appointments

You can come in for an appointment “solo” or with your “bestie."

The appointment can last 15-30 minutes per person. 

At your appointment, you get to choose up to 3 pieces of jewelry. We’ll custom fit each one, and once you’re happy with the sizing, we weld the piece(s) together. 

All About Private Parties

I love to do private parties! Star-Crossed Bonded Jewelry can do events like bachelorettes, bridal parties, corporate events, boutique, or winery events. 

We are fully-mobile, can function in indoor and outdoor venues. 

Are you interested in having Star-Crossed Bonded Jewelry at your private party? Let’s talk! Email me, and we can discuss available dates and answer any questions you may have.